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Small Amazing Wonders #1

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Welcome to my revised review column! If you’re reading this for the first time, you’re going to want to come back for more. After looking around the internet and comics related message boards, I found that hardly anyone outside of my good friend, Ian Shires of the Small Press Association was even paying small press books any attention. So a shifting and increase of attention was in order. While my first couple SAW columns will not be pictographic, it is hoped that future reviews will include a sampling of art & story.

32 pg. full sized, full color, Written by Bart A. Thompson, with Art by Paul Cesar.

“This was one of those stories where, upon finding it, you wish you had more of the ongoing sage to read. I actually enjoy a good vampire tale now and again. This one I enjoyed and would highly recommend. Looking forward to the next issue, as this was a very good first issue!” &Mac246; RO

Cost: $2.99
Trades: Not likely

20 pg. Magazine sized, one shot, B&W Published by Matt Bucher, 2002.

“I was given this book back in October 2002 at the last Mighty Mini-Con. It is a collected gathering of different story segments illustrated by several creative teams.

Cover – By Gary Barker and Jerry Foley
Page 2 – Editorial by Matt Bucher
Pages 3-6 – “Omniman 1982:Epilogue” by Bucher, Rick McCollum, and Bill Anderson
Page 7 – By Gary Barker and Jerry Foley
Pages 8-15 – “Ominiman Returns” by Matt Bucher, Nick Alenikov, and Ken McFarlane
Pages 16-19 – “Doc Patriot” by Matt Bucher, Nick Alenikov, and Jerry Foley.
Back Cover – By Gary Barker and Bill Anderson

As there is no mailing address, I suspect that anyone wishing to inquire after this book can contact “I actually enjoyed this book. The art varies and seeing Bill Anderson’s work is always a treat! The inside cover mentions a plug for so I’ll give it a mention here also. – RO

Ferret Press/ 600 Markview Road, Columbus, OH 43214 USA

AKA Issue #2 and #3 (of 3)
24 pg. Mid-Magazine sized, B&W with Color painted covers, 2002, by Dara Naraghi and Steve Black.

“This is the highly believable tale of two young women on a quest to be detectives. The first thing that caught my eye was the characterization. It is simply brilliant! The cover art is actually from very detailed paintings versus pencils and inks. – RO

Cost: $3.65ppd.
Trades: Possibly.

Pook Press/Severance Tower, 210 Park Ave. #362, Worchester, MA 01609 USA

ZONES6X #1-3 (an ongoing series) [note: This is an adult only comic]
24 pg. Digest, Color Cover, B&W internally, 2002, by Susan Champeny “An ongoing tale involving three characters; Razor, Syrene, and Little Lock.

This book is explicitly chock full of sexuality, mirth and mayhem. It is a look into the deeper side of sexual tension, and allows the reader to realize the aspect of communicating where, “Sex isn’t a relationship.” – RO

Cost: $3.50ppd or subscriptions at 1yr/2yr @ $18/$35.00
Trades: Not Likely

SMASH! Comics/Lightningstrike Publishing, 358 Danforth Ave., Box 65174, Toronto, ON, Canada M4K 2E9

40pg. Full sized, Color cover, B&W internally, 2002, by Paul Quinn

The world of imagination is not built only on entire races of super powered beings; Paul Quinn opens the mind of the reader to his day-to-day struggles and anecdotal stories! In this first issue from SMASH!, Paul gives you a look inside his world. The fun part of this book is realizing where you, the human being, fit into the relationship struggles. I liked this book. It had traces of realism, yet always gave way to the magic of what it means to be human.” – RO

Cost: $5.00 CAN., $3.95 US
Trades: Not likely

POWER WUS #1 (of 4)
24pg. Full sized, Color cover, B&W internally, 2002, by Jason Marcy, with Inks and cover by Jeremy Kaposy.

“After 40+ years of reading comic books, I’ve seen my share of parody books. Nothing prepared for what I would face in opening this funny book! Doghumpers unite! Grown from the mind of Jason Marcy, Power Wus gives the reader pause to think how they’d handle a catastrophe. It is a very funny book.

Cost: $3.40 CAN., $2.70 US
Trades: Not likely

Well, until next time…stop stepping over those small amazing wonders.