Fans Throng for Day 2 of Comicon

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The throng of people pulsating along the convention floor Saturday showed signs of equalling if not surpassing last year’s three-day attendance of 10,000. Friday’s attendance “was up 25 percent,” comicon…

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Tie Carrere Shi No Longer

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Shi has gone big budget, upping it from $15 million to $40 million. Tia, however, fitted to play Shi, is just not a big enough star for the movie executives.…

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I’m Not Always Right

Reviewers aren’t always the smartest lot. We are just people after all. That’s my best excuse for panning the first part of the five-part Spore by Michel Gagné, which has…

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Green Arrow 16 (DC)

Green Arrow 16 (DC) Meltzer/Hester/Parks Good-bye Kevin Smith, hello quality plots and characters with depth, thanks to Brad Meltzer. While there are small continuity missteps (Oracle referring to Superman as…

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